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Couple Therapy

My work with couples over the years has led me to many approaches and techniques. I found Dr. John Gottman’s research on relationships an exciting and important contribution to the field of marital and relationship therapy. I trained with Drs. John and Julie Gottman and through the Gottman Institute and as a Master Certified Gottman Therapist, Consultant and Trainer hold completed Certification as a Gottman Therapist and as a Certified Gottman Couples Workshop Leader providing services to couples and training for therapists.

I meet with couples for three sessions to assess the relationship before beginning therapy. This pre-treatment phase includes the following:

Session 1: 80 minute couple interview.

Session 2: Two 40 minute individual interviews, Each partner completes an online questionnaire.

Session 3: 50 minute feedback session where strengths and areas needing work are discussed.

Treatment goals are established in this session and specific tools and research-based interventions are integrated into the therapy design. The emphasis is on helping the couple establish dialogue rather than the therapist mediating or communicating for each partner.

Individual Therapy

I approach individual sessions in an interactive style, promoting dialogue in discussing and exploring issues and concerns. Areas of concern I work in include: depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, substance abuse/dependency assessment and treatment, relationship problems, and parenting concerns. When circumstances warrant, I do make arrangements to schedule telephone appointments.

Family Therapy

I integrate Gottman Method Therapy into my work with families. I emphasize relationships between members, ways to facilitate understanding and healing, and offer tools for family members to address the issues of concern.

Couples Groups/Workshops

I offer workshops and groups for couples. The group experience provides support, tools for change, and the knowledge that the couple is not alone in their struggles.

A Roadmap for the Journey: A Gottman Workshop for Couples in Recovery, a new two-day Workshop for Couples Recovering from Alcohol, Drug, or a behavioral addiction. I developed in collaboration with Drs. John & Julie Gottman and the Gottman Institute blending my research model on recovering couples couples with the Gottman research.

The Art & Science of Love: A Weekend Workshop for Couples

Consultation – Training – Workshops for Professionals and Students

I offer consultation and training opportunities through my private practice and through The Gottman Institute. To find out more or to find out about the availability for workshops or presentations contact me at:

                                                      or call 650 593-8087

I am certified by the Gottman Institute as a Consultant & Trainer to offer all three levels of Gottman Training, leading to Certification as a Gottman Therapist for those interested.

Level 1: Bridging the Couple Chasm: A New Research-Based Approach

Level 2: Assessment, Intervention, & Co-morbidities

Level 3: Practicum Training Workshop: