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John Gottman, Ph.D.,has learned what actually makes marriages work by studying and following over 3,000 couples throughout 40 years of research, and together with Dr Julie Schwartz-Gottman, the Clinical Director of the Gottman Institute, the Gottmans have designed this workshop. Presented by Certified Gottman Couples Workshop Leaders, Lisa Lund, MFT and Dr. Robert Navarra, will teach you how to foster romance and harmony in your relationships.

There is no group sharing or disclosure. Brief presentations are given on Dr. Gottman's research, and demonstrations are provided to teach you the relationship tools that came out of the research. Couples are given materials to practice these tools in the workshop, privately.

Day 1: Focuses on tools that deepen friendship and intimacy

Day 2: Focuses on tools that help couples manage conflict

Workshop Dates 2017:

Co-presenting with Lisa Lund, MFT
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Mill Valley, CA
February 18 & 19
June 3 & 4
August 26 & 27
December 2 & 3